Cannabis USA

Cannabis USA is a full-service marketing and consulting agency dedicated to growing cannabis brands and products nationwide.

40 years of experience

Cannabis Marketing & Consulting Agency

Packing a combined 40-plus years of first-in-class professional experience spanning every aspect of the hospitality, tobacco and beverage industries, the innovative entrepreneur and tastemaker Tim Haughinberry and powerhouse sales-and marketing executive Lucia Cifonelli have joined forces to bring their full-service marketing and consulting agency, Cannabis USA, to the CBD and THC industry. Cannabis USA and its partners are poised to reap valuable rewards thanks to the keen understanding its leadership and consortium has of such a new and emerging business, as well as their sound and reliable grasp of the critical path to market. 

Experience That Speaks Volumes

Cannabis USA specializes in brand creation and packaging, product distribution, marketing, and sales. Let’s work together to grow your cannabis or CBD business today.