About Us

The Company

Cannabis USA is a full-service marketing and consulting agency dedicated to growing cannabis brands and products nationwide. We know that cultivating and selling a great product isn’t enough in today’s competitive landscape. With the growing number of brands and retail outlets entering the market, legitimate brand messaging and responsible marketing practices are requisite for this budding industry, and Cannabis USA is the agency best suited to the task.

The Culture

Cannabis USA stands for diversity, community, and charity.
Our team spans a wide range of backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on being an LGBTQ- and women-owned company that is diverse in age, gender, and race.

Co-Founders Tim Haughinberry and Lucia Cifonelli.


We bring our experience, knowledge, professionalism, and thousands of meaningful, personal relationships to our valued clients. We proudly partner with first-in-class brands and businesses. Our worldly clientele is vital to the luxury, wellness, travel, and tourism industries as they are creators of the trends, not the followers.